We design landscapes that get
people back into nature.

We are subscribers and practitioners of the Come Alive Outside Movement, which inspires and creates the awareness, intention and opportunity for people to live healthier lives outside.

Our company is built on the philosophy that people need to spend less time on their devices and more time doing things outside together. We work with you to create outdoor spaces that connect your family to nature in a meaningful way. Want your kids to get outside to kick a ball around, or have an area perfect for their swing? Great, we’ll build it for you. Think they need a tree-house? We got it. Outdoor dining space for your relatives (and dogs) to have summer dinners together? Not a problem.

We involve your family at every stage of our process so that you get a tailor-made landscape that becomes the heart of your home. We also love teaching kids all about sustainability and we’ll happily show them how to take care of the plants and shrubs that we plant in your yard.

Outdoor play offers a multitude of benefits for children, fostering holistic development and well-being. Firstly, it encourages physical activity, aiding in the development of motor skills, coordination, and overall physical health. Engaging with the natural environment stimulates the senses, promoting curiosity and creativity. Moreover, outdoor play provides opportunities for social interaction and teamwork, teaching children vital communication and cooperation skills. Exposure to nature also has profound psychological benefits, reducing stress, enhancing mood, and fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around them. Ultimately, outdoor play nurtures both physical and mental health, while instilling a lifelong love for the outdoors and a sense of environmental stewardship.

Boston area based Land Design Associates participates in the Come Along Outside movement

Waban Common Community Project, Newton, MA

Land Design Associates had the honor of coordinating with the Waban Area Council to create the Waban Common as part of Newton, MA’s “Adopt a Space” program. Our team worked alongside the Newton community to transform two defunct traffic islands into a beautiful green space now enjoyed by all. The lush park is now perfect for anything from a family picnic to throwing the frisbee around with friends.

Check out how this project came about and how it exemplifies our commitment to Come Alive Outside.

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“My love for landscape design was sparked growing up when I would help my dad with his colorful flower gardens, unique shrubs, trees and his lawn, which he took immense pride in. While traveling in Europe and Japan, I became fascinated with how trees, plants, masonry, water and space could be combined to make unique, special places with their own “personalities” that impacted people deeply and made them feel great.

I learned the landscape construction trade from an old Italian stone mason, Ricardo. I took courses in landscape design, plant identification and site engineering at Radcliffe University— where all my designs were hand-drawn and hand-colored. As I installed more and more gardens, more and more people asked me to help design their yards. So I expanded the company, hiring hard-working, nice people who I could tell had the same innate drive to create things as I do. I’m so proud of the team we have, the work we do and the increased quality of life we’ve been able to bring to both our clients’ and our employees’ families.”

Jim is a Mass. Certified Landscape Professional and a member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

James Egan, MCLP – Founder of Land
Design Associates, Avid Cyclist,
Proud Dad of 3.

Good people working for good people

Meet our team of experienced craftsmen, who love spending time
outside with their families just as much as you do.

landscaper - james egan


30+ Years Experience
Jim has personally built everything he designs himself and knows how to do things the right way. He has a love for plants and design. Jim has an easy-going, yet determined personality that is reflected in the company. He loves the outdoors and spends his free time cycling and reading. He has three children. Jim studied at the University of Massachusetts and Radcliffe.

landscaper - anthony


18 Years Experience
Anthony started out installing projects right out of college and has worked his way up to a senior position in the company through hard work and his skill in dealing with clients. In his free time, Anthony spends as much family time as possible with his young family—his two young boys already love machines and dump trucks! Anthony graduated from the University of Massachusetts Stockbridge with a degree in Landscape Construction.

landscaper - connor


15 Years Experience
Connor has personally installed all the work and started as a laborer with Land Design Associates during college, working his way up to senior manager at LDA. He spends a lot of time outside during his free time and loves running, and golfing. Connor graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Rhode Island.

Jens Headshot 1 Scaled


10 Years Experience

High energy and always on the go, Jen is a “get it done” type of person.  She has a passion for perfection and very high standards of quality.  After her crews leave your property, everything will be just right and she’ll check with you to make sure you’re totally satisfied.  In her free time, Jen enjoys running, cooking gourmet meals and vacuuming the house!





OSCAR Landscaper


20 Years Experience
 With a soft-spoken personality, Oscar systematically moves through complicated projects with skill and care like a hot knife through butter.  He is a master at stonework and can create anything with excavator and Bobcat machines. Oscar spends his free time with his family and two children. He loves fishing in both salt and freshwater. Oscar is also active in his church.



landscaper - eddie


16 Years Experience
Eddie is a true craftsman and has a high attention to detail. Eddie’s stonework is impeccable and he has a very approachable manner that clients readily relate to as they work through the project with him. He embodies the phrase “landscape professional”. Eddie spends his free time outside kayaking and fishing as well as being with his family and one young child







17Years Experience

Eddy is quiet but always focused.  Mild mannered and easy going, he’s reliable and dedicated.  Eddy’s favorite landscape activities are building walls and planting.  He can be seen riding around on his slick red Italian scooter.  His off time enjoyments are going to the beach and listening to music.  Eddy is a long time LDA employee and a fixture of our company.







12 Years Experience

Lucio is the guy who can always be counted on to “get the job done.”  He’s conscientious and very particular about his work.  His favorite landscape projects are building patios, walls and installing fences.  In his off time, he enjoys watching and playing soccer and listening to music.  His son Christian is also and LDA employee and works with him learning the trade. An avid barbeque guy, Lucio is seen manning the grill at all our company parties cooking up his special Salvadoran BBQ treats.


OSCAR E1650516805704


10 Years Experience

Oscar is one of the best when it comes to operating landscape installation machinery. He’s a true artisan in building stone walls, patios and other masonry. His favorite things include watching professional soccer, playing video games and spending time with his family. He’s a proud father and has the cutest three year old daughter. Oscar is amazingly good with an excavator machine. There is an old saying in the landscape trade to compliment a top machine operator – “He could scratch your back ” with the excavator machine.





Margaritas Headshot


4 Years Experience

Margarita has a high attention to detail that really shows through on all the projects she does.  When she is done with a project, it really looks spectacular.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two young children. She is also awesome at cooking and everyone loves her homemade dishes at our company cookouts!






Steve Scaled


8 Years Experience
 Steve began his career designing and managing residential landscape projects in Western Massachusetts where he also attended UMASS Amherst and graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture. His move to the Boston area has given him the opportunity to continue crafting memorable landscapes and building client relationships in new communities. When he is not designing your backyard oasis, Steve enjoys gardening, yoga, and cheering on the Boston sports teams.




DSC6330 Min Scaled


31 Years Experience
His love for plants and landscape maintenance have motivated Chris to succeed in a long career in the landscaping industry.  His ability to connect with people and communicate in an effective, yet lighthearted manner are his hallmark.  Chris spends his free time going to the gym, keeping in shape and enjoying relaxing weekends on the Cape.  His ability to guide and motivate others on the LDA Maintenance team makes our company an efficient and fun place to work. 


Melvin E1650511427511


10 Years Experience
Melvin is always smiling and a pleasure to be around.  He takes pride in his craftsmanship and is ever eager to learn new landscape skills.  Melvin will not leave your yard until the project is totally perfect.  In the landscape trade, his favorite thing is building walls.  He is a longtime musician and plays the trumpet.  Also, Melvin is a top athlete, reigning champion of the LDA Limbo competition and a super-talented soccer player.  


Juans Headshot Min Scaled


30 Years Experience
Juan is the quintessential “Great Guy.”  Always smiling and eager to help out his coworkers and customers.  Juan has an uncanny ability to “know” all the landscape properties he takes care of.  While driving his mower, Juan is constantly scanning the property looking for issues to be resolved. In his off time, he enjoys spending time with his family and “fishing with his friends.”  He believes that his “accountability and close attention to detail define his role” at LDA.  Our company is  very fortunate to have him on the team!


Hector 1 Scaled


14 Years Experience
Always ready with a joke, Hector adds fun to any situation.  He’s highly skilled in masonry and builds beautiful grill islands and walls.  With his masonry skills, also comes detailed precision in planting and irrigation making Hector a very well rounded landscape professional.  He has two young children and spends his free time playing and watching soccer.






Jana Website 8


3 Years Experience
Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Kenya Sanchez graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture. Her experience includes 3+ years as a designer, particularly in planting. Kenya has worked in all aspects of the design process from schematic to design development. In her free time, Kenya enjoys hiking and exploring the city of Boston. The most appealing thing about landscaping to Kenya is the transformative impact it can make. Landscapes have the opportunity to create living spaces for people to enjoy and make memories.






12 Years Experience
Bella specializes in checking clients’ properties for rabbits. She spends her free time chasing rabbits, dreaming about chasing rabbits and trail running alongside mountain bikes. Born on a farm in western Massachusetts, she is a mix of chocolate lab, beagle and Australian cattle dog. Bella graduated from Tailblazers University with a PhD in tail-wagging.



10 Years Experience
Rebecca pursued her passion for the outdoors and landscape design at URI where she studied Landscape Architecture. After graduating, she began work as a freelance designer. Rebecca has developed a vast set of skills from horticultural knowledge to construction best practices. Rebecca has a passion for artistic design and is always looking for inspiration in cutting-edge trends. Outside of the office, you can find her coaching gymnastics at the local gym or relaxing with family at her lake house in Maine. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys fishing, playing chess, and reading.

DSC07275 3


10 Years Experience
Antonio started this profession by pursuing a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Rhode Island. Before joining LDA, Antonio worked in design-build and was also a freelance landscape designer for residential design projects in the East Bay of Rhode Island as well as some parts of Massachusetts. In his free time, Antonio is an avid soccer fan and travels far and wide to catch any match he can. Besides sports, Antonio enjoys listening to music and spending time with his dog Jeffery.  



25 Years Experience
 Highly motivated and driven, Bannos seems to never run out of energy.  He’s one of LDA’s most experienced foremen and generously trains younger employees up to his level of talent. He has three daughters and enjoys spending time with his family, working on his house renovations, traveling and spending the cold New England winters in sunny Brazil! 







8 Years Experience
Guillermo is the epitome of the saying “Heart of Gold,”  He’s one of the most loyal, caring and conscientious LDA employees ever. He enjoys building patios and walls and also is passing on his skills to his son Yonathan, who is also an LDA employee. If human cloning were possible, we would have  at least 10 more Guillermos!!!  He spends his free time going to church, listening to music and cooking up tasty BBQ on the grill.




JORGE E1650511551994


13 Years Experience
Known for his fast pace and high quality, Jorge cares deeply about what he does and follows through on every detail of his work as if your yard was his yard. He truly loves taking care of people’s properties and always does things right. Jorge spends his free time with his family, fishing, watching soccer and being with his three children (two of which work at LDA).






Nicks Headshot 1 Scaled


6 Years Experience
Nick is a plant specialist and has a very broad knowledge of what plants perform well in our area.  He produces beautiful design drawings that are creative yet appropriate to the site and client’s style and budget.  In his free time, Nick enjoys riding his motorcycle and flying his drone








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