Backyard Hardscape on a Budget in Greater Boston

Image of a backyard-patio hardscape designed by Land Design Associates.

How Land Design Associates Transformed One Family’s Backyard Patio Into a Simple Oasis

Planning a New Backyard Patio Design

Sometimes, all it takes is a creative design and a little hardscaping with a patio wall to liven up your backyard without breaking the bank.

In the spring, we met with a family who wanted to enhance their back patio paver area of their property and create a more aesthetically pleasing and connected space without bankrolling their retirement plan.The "before photo" of the backyard patio.

So how did we do it? It all starts with planning and consultation.

We met the family at their home to identify the lay of the land, highlight key areas and take measurements and photos. Asked how we would create a larger paver patio to accommodate more guests, design a smooth transition from the existing space to the nearby lawn and build a natural seating area through hardscape in the form of a wall, our team set to work!

Designing a New Patio Hardscape For Style and Comfort

Our design team drafted various landscape paver plans that offered different styles to reach the same solution.

Once we presented the landscape plans to the family and a decision was made, we moved on to finalizing the design. At Landscape Design, we identify items such as materials for our builders, carefully select and curate plants and set a schedule date for installation as part of the process for developing a landscape design from concept to completion.

For paver materials, we even invited the homeowners to join us at local stone yards and masonry-supply shops in Greater Boston to help them choose which landscape stone or landscape paver they wanted to see on their property. Net, we move on to project preparation and installation.

How We Bring a Hardscape Design to Life  

For any landscaping project to run smoothly, staying well-organized from the beginning is essential for ensuring that the work is done on time and creates space for handling any issues that come up along the way.

Hardscape steps designed by Land Design Associates.

Our landscape designers equipped our hardscapers will a thoroughly dimensioned plan so that they could lay out sprayed lines to identity important parameters. The crew began their work by removing the existing hardscape and stringing a line to points for key items such as the wall and patio edges.

Because of the varying heights between the patio area and the lawn, we installed hardscape steps to guarantee a pleasing transition between the two planes.

With a strong base set, our crew began to build the rotunda-like wall with block pavers. Block pavers are a hardscape material that resemble natural stone on the exterior surface but feature a pierced shape on its interior to accommodate affordable and easy installation.

Land Design Associate hardscaper building a patio wall.

After constructing the wall, we finished off by laying the new hardscape paver patio, and when the job is complete, we clean the backyard area and repair any tidy up the lawn.

The homeowners  were extremely happy with the final result. We handled all of their design requests to create a stunning space and we’re excited to show you the before-and-after photos.

Want to Show Off Your New Backyard Patio in the Boston Area to Friends and Neighbors?

If you want that “wow factor” for your backyard patio with a custom hardscape design, come talk to us. We’ve been making hardscapes and amazing-looking paver walls and patio spaces for families and homeowners in Greater Boston for over 25 years.