Contemporary Landscape Design in Bristol, RI

Land Design Associates, renowned for their expertise in transforming spaces, undertook a comprehensive renovation of this contemporary home, infusing it with a new life that seamlessly extended into the surrounding landscape. The initial focus of the project was on rectifying existing drainage and grading issues, laying a solid foundation for the transformation that followed.

A stunning focal point was introduced with the addition of a grand allee, adorned with fragrant linden trees, creating a pathway that not only enhances the visual appeal but also invites residents and guests to explore the property. Connecting these spaces are meticulously crafted walkways not just functional but also contribute to the overall aesthetic, guiding visitors to various key areas of interest such as the lap pool, guest house, and entertainment spaces.

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Privacy and natural beauty were further enhanced in the first phase of the project with the strategic planting of large evergreen trees, creating a serene backdrop to the property. Foundation plantings were carefully selected and arranged to encircle the entire home, seamlessly integrating the architecture with the natural surroundings.

As the sun sets, the yard comes alive with strategically placed landscape lighting, extending the allure of summer nights. The pool area becomes an enchanting space for entertaining guests, with the interplay of light and shadow enhancing the ambiance.

Entrance areas were not overlooked in the transformation, receiving a complete overhaul to provide ample parking for large gatherings. This thoughtful redesign ensures a warm welcome for visitors and a seamless flow of traffic during events.

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One of the crowning achievements of this project was the transformation of a large green space behind the home. Graded and meticulously seeded, this area now serves as a versatile venue for hosting various events, adding another dimension to the property’s functionality.



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“We first engaged Land Design Associates in the early 2000’s for our 1.4 acre “antique” property in Milton, Massachusetts, on the recommendation of a good friend and landscape architect. Our home’s once-elegant gardens had long since gone into decline and there was an urgent need for infrastructure improvements on the property: hardscape/plazas, grading & drainage, stone pathways & stairs, fencing, exterior lighting, etc. The landscape, gardens, beds and trees, all required a serious overhaul: removal and replacement of declining/dead trees and shrubs, restoration of beds and extensive planting of new plant material. Jim Egan, and his crew at Land Design Associates tackled this large and multi-faceted project with enthusiasm and enormous skill. Every single aspect of the restoration and improvement of the grounds was performed thoughtfully, skillfully and professionally.

So when we purchased a property in Bristol, Rhode Island in 2018 in serious need of everything, and more, than Milton, we knew there was one company that was up to the task: Land Design Associates. In the intervening years, however, we discovered that LDA had gotten even better! Land Design has added state-of-the art landscape planning tools and numerous technological and equipment upgrades to their arsenal. To implement the benefits of these advances, Jim Egan has assembled an amazing team of professionals with skills that encompass all the disciplines of landscape art and improvement. As before, Land Design Associates accomplished all the infrastructure (hardscape, grading, drainage, electrical, pool decking, etc.), and all the landscape objectives (design, layout, removal/ planting, excavation/contouring, etc.) with the utmost ability. We felt as if the LDA could accomplish ANY task put before them; all done to perfection. We will enjoy our new outdoor environment for many years to come,”

-Tarleton Watkins

“We felt as if the LDA could accomplish ANY task put before them; all done to perfection. We will enjoy our new outdoor environment for many years to come.”