A fresh backyard landscape in Newton, MA

Green space was the focus of this project. A lovely front walkway bordered by a newly installed lawn wraps all the way around to the backyard to give these homeowners tons of usable garden space.

backyard, planting, greenery, lawn
backyard, planting, retaining wall, step lighting, hydrangea, sky pencil Holly

Services We Provided

Design | Front walkway | Driveway | Perimeter walls | Lighting | Masonry
Drainage | Irrigation | Lawn | Tree, shrub and perennial planting

backyard, home, planting, lawn, birch tree, uplighting
Design, landscape plan, deck, driveway, stepping stones, lawn, retaining wall

“Before the first shovel went into the ground, Jim, Connor and Robyn came up with an optimal garden that was thoughtful in its architecture, irrigation, draining and plant selection. We came to Jim with a vision plan and he did this extensive interview with my wife and I and talked us out of our vision completely because he knew we would end up with a yard we didn’t like. He talked us into the design we now love. Jim, having worked for decades in Newton, was able to actually quote the zoning book during the design and installation process, which was both impressive and incredibly convenient, as it helped us satisfy the zoning requirements of our town without much of a headache. When things went wrong or we changed our mind during the installation, the team was flexible, and when our cherry tree died within the one-year warranty, Anthony came, got it out and got it replaced within the week with no haggling or hassles!”

-Paul Walsh

“We started a driveway war down our street, because now everyone wants our driveway.”