Dreamy Landscaping Design in Newton, MA

In the charming city of Newton, this residence underwent a transformative landscape architectural re-design, elevating an ordinary yard into an outdoor sanctuary. The journey into this enchanting space begins at the driveway, where visitors are greeted by an artfully designed walkway and matching entry columns. This path is not merely a route but an experience, adorned with a selection of plants and lighting that bloom in a symphony of colors and are illuminated to ensure the beauty is appreciated, day or night.

As one meanders along the walkway, they are led to an inviting patio area, an ideal setting for relaxation and social gatherings. The patio serves as the heart of the outdoor space, a versatile stage for both tranquil solitude and vibrant entertainment.

Encircling the backyard is a carefully selected collection of flora. Rhododendrons offer a lush, vibrant backdrop with their large, verdant leaves and clusters of vivid flowers. Birch trees stand tall, their distinctive white bark and delicate leaves providing a striking visual contrast. Daisies pepper the landscape with cheerful white and yellow blooms, while boxwoods add structure with their neat, evergreen foliage. Fragrant plants including lindens, summersweet and Korean spice viburnum waft sweetly their magic scents captivating everyone.  Completing this living tapestry is a selection of evergreen privacy plants, creating a natural enclosure that ensures a serene and private retreat.

This landscape is more than just a visual delight; it’s a multi-sensory experience. The rustling of birch leaves in the breeze, the soft fragrance of old-fashion lilac blooms, the tactile pleasure of boxwood hedges and soft lawn combine to  fully engage the senses. It’s a testament to thoughtful landscape architectural design and horticultural excellence, transforming this Newton home into a place of beauty and repose.

DSC01850 HDR
dining table, fire pit, seating wall, bluestone, pavers, boxwoods

Services We Provided

Design | Walkways | Retaining walls | Column masonry | Driveway
Patio | Grading | Lighting | Tree, shrub, perennial planting

birch trees, uplighting, walkway, planting, lighting, pathway, Rhododendron
Pavers, walkway, planting, birch, path lighting, pergola
Newton Ma Patio Backyard Firepit
Design Drawing Cox Project 7

The execution of their design was exceptional and almost artisan. There’s not a single thing you can point to that’s sloppy—the smallest details are executed to the highest degree. Everything was on time and on budget.”

– Peter Cox

“Everything was on time
and on budget.”