Pool Paradise Landscape Design in Norwood, MA

Step into this enchanting backyard oasis that transforms ordinary days into extraordinary moments. Designed with a focus on leisure and entertainment, this remarkable space becomes the epicenter for summer gatherings with friends and family.

The crown jewel of this backyard paradise is a custom swimming pool, complete with a luxurious hot tub to unwind in style. Adjacent to the aquatic masterpiece stands a generously sized pool house, an entertainment haven in its own right. Inside, a spacious bar beckons, adorned with cabinets and top-of-the-line appliances, ready to cater to gatherings of any magnitude.

The dining area, framed by inviting sitting walls, encircles a fire pit, creating distinct outdoor spaces for intimate conversations and convivial meals. A pergola, strategically placed at the back of the pool deck, offers a tranquil retreat with a bench—a perfect vantage point to observe the joyous activities of sun-kissed summer days.

The expansive paver pool deck provides ample room for relaxation, accommodating eight or more lounge chairs for those seeking to bask in the sun or indulge in a leisurely afternoon nap. This meticulously planned outdoor haven invites a seamless blend of recreation and repose.

Surrounding the entire property, a lush tapestry of plant life weaves a vibrant and ever-changing backdrop. From the timeless beauty of hollies and the ethereal charm of hydrangeas to the graceful presence of ornamental grasses and the bold statements made by rhododendrons, the landscape is a symphony of colors throughout the seasons, reaching its crescendo during the summer months.

However, these plants are not merely decorative; they serve a dual purpose, creating a natural barrier that transforms the expansive backyard into a private sanctuary. Countless perennials and other flora contribute to this green embrace, offering both aesthetics and functionality.

In this captivating retreat, every element, from the inviting pool to the thoughtfully designed landscape architectural outdoor landscape spaces, has been orchestrated to create a haven where lasting memories are made, and the beauty of nature harmonizes with the joy of shared moments. Welcome to a backyard that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to savor the magic of summer in style.

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Services We Provided

Design | Front walkway | Back patio | Steps | Wall masonry | Lawn
Pool deck | Pool house masonry | Lighting | Irrigation | Tree, shrub and perennial planting

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Jim was very responsive to everything that we needed. Nothing was out of bounds. Everyone that I dealt with was extremely professional. The same workers came every day so we got to know them and they were all very approachable. Jim is really just great — his drawings are beautiful, he explained everything to us so well and was just all around excellent”.

-Caroline Grycz

“Everyone that I dealt with was extremely professional.”