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Perched majestically upon the rolling landscape overlooking the serene expanse of Narragansett Bay and framed by the graceful arc of the Mount Hope Bridge, this extraordinary residence stands as a testament to visionary design and unparalleled natural beauty. Nestled within a luxuriously-landscaped, 10-acre estate, every element of this property has been thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with its surroundings and evoke a sense of timeless elegance.

From the moment one sets foot upon the grounds, it is evident that no detail has been overlooked in the creation of this idyllic retreat. Gravel pathways meander through lush banks of hydrangea and wildflowers, inviting leisurely strolls amidst a symphony of fragrance and color. Towering evergreen hedges enclose the property, ensuring both seclusion and tranquility, while low voltage lighting casts a soft, ethereal glow, perfect for evening gatherings under the stars.

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Services We Provided

Design Collaboration |Tree, Shrub and Perennial Planting | Lighting | Irrigation | Drainage

A true landscape sanctuary with over 350 unique trees, 775 shrubs, 9,000 perennials and grasses, and 4,500 ground cover plants. Work together to create a diversity of textures and hues. Against this verdant backdrop, an ellipse-shaped infinity pool glistens like a jewel, melding with the waters of Narragansett Bay and providing a vista of color-packed perennials.

Designed by Tyler Nielsen of Nielsen Landscape Architects, and in collaboration with Land Design Associates, every aspect of the landscape has been artfully conceived to complement and enhance the architectural marvel that is the residence itself. Drawing inspiration from the homeowners’ passion for boating, architect Rene Stoeckigt of Hughes Umbanhowar Architects has crafted a masterpiece that seamlessly integrates form and function, with the house itself resembling a giant propeller when viewed from above. The entire house is energy net zero utilizing solar panels and geothermal wells. 

From its position atop the crest of the hill, the residence commands panoramic views of the bay from every vantage point, with three levels of expansive living space thoughtfully arranged to maximize both privacy and connectivity. The main level serves as the heart of the home, with a soaring two-story living room anchoring the public space, while the south wing offers sanctuary for intimate gatherings and the north wing beckons with a spacious kitchen/family room designed for both comfort and style.

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