Eye-catching front yard design in Wellesley, MA

The contemporary design of the landscape surrounding this Wellesley residence perfectly complements the modern aesthetic achieved within the home’s interior. The landscape architecture embraces clean lines, minimalist elements, and a restrained color palette to seamlessly integrate the outdoor space with the contemporary design ethos of the house.

To achieve a crisp, linear feel, carefully curated elements such as geometrically shaped plant beds, sleek outdoor furniture, and minimalist sculptures were strategically placed throughout the landscape. The selection of plantings emphasizes a mix of native and ornamental grasses, architectural shrubs, and flowering perennials, contributing to a low-maintenance yet visually striking composition.

Large expanses of manicured lawn were designed to enhance the open and spacious feel, providing a serene backdrop to the modern architecture. The careful use of hardscape material, such as bluestone walkways, further reinforces the contemporary design language, creating a harmonious transition between different outdoor areas.

In addition to the bluestone steps and caps at the entryway, other hardscape features like sleek Techo Bloc pavers were strategically employed in key areas of the landscape. These choices not only enhance the overall visual appeal but also emphasize the commitment to a contemporary design that prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality.

The landscape design extends beyond the immediate vicinity of the entryway, creating a cohesive outdoor experience. Thoughtful placement of outdoor seating areas, perhaps featuring modern furniture with clean lines, encourages residents and guests to enjoy the surrounding beauty while maintaining a connection to the interior spaces.

By embracing modern landscape design principles, this Wellesley residence achieves a harmonious balance between the refined elegance of the interior and the modern, inviting allure of the outdoor space, creating a truly cohesive and sophisticated living environment.

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Design | grading | masonry | lighting | planting | irrigation

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“In a thoughtful, non-pressured approach, discussions were had, adjustments made, and we finalized the design.”

We have used Land Design Associates twice in the last few years.

Land Design listened intently to our needs then quickly presented us with several alternatives.  In a thoughtful, non-pressured approach, discussions were had, adjustments made, and we finalized the design.

Upon installation, it was clear to see the hardscape team were true master craftsmen and meticulously built walls, steps and walkways to the design. The job was completed on time and within budget. The landscaping results exceeded our expectations and added beauty and value to our home.

-Steve Carlson

Wellesley Ma Front Yard Landscape