Five Plants to Bring Fragrance to Your Yard

Our Favorite Fragrant Shrubs For your  Yard

Planting fragrant shrubs adds a wonderful addition to your garden. Once you’ve experienced the enjoyment of a fragrant plant, you’ll want to add more. You’ll want to include shrubs that smell good near patios, entries, kitchen windows and driveways for even more of that sweet flower smell!


Some lilacs are more fragrant than others, so buy them when they are in bloom to pick one that you prefer. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from however you can expect most to possess a strong, fresh fragrance. So which are the best? Here are a few that are available.

Maiden’s Blush- Blooms earlier that most and blooms well as a young plant. The blooms are fluffier that the standard and it is extremely hardy.

For something different try Beauty of Moscow. It is a very fragrant double flowered cultivar and is known for its double florets with a two tone pink/white color. Beauty of Moscow has some of the largest and most fragrant flowers of all lilacs.


Some azaleas not only have spectacular blooms but can also be fragrant. A very cold hardy selection is the swamp azalea. An appealing plant native, it bears funnel shaped flowers that bloom profusely. It has a strong clove-like perfume that rivals roses. It prefers part shade and is perfect for shrub borders.

Roseshell azalea has pink, funnel shaped flowers in mid to late spring that appear in large clusters of 4-12 blooms. It also grows well in part shade and appreciates moist, well-drained soil. It is a vigorous and showy azalea.



Blooms in mid-summer, this popular native has a sweet-spicy scent similar to a carnation. The flowers appear in narrow, upright panicles and are most typically white. A pink variety is available as well, named ‘Ruby Spice’ that grows to 8’ wide and tall. Flowers are very attractive to butterflies and other pollinators. More compact white flowering varieties include ‘Sugartina’ and ‘Sixteen Candles’. Water regularly to maintain moist soil for best bloom.

Butterfly bush

This sturdy shrub has bold blossoms that emerge late summer. The fragrance has a sweet honey-like scent and is available in many shades of blue, purple, magenta and white. This plant will sometimes die back to the ground in winter and produce new shoots in spring. Some to try are ‘Miss Ruby’, a dark pink one and the ‘Lo and Behold’ line that are smaller and more compact.

koreanspice viburnum

This is one of the most fragrant shrubs available. Dense, white, round flower heads are formed from many smaller flowers that resemble a snowball. It’s spicy, sweet, vanillery scent carries across the yard so place it where you can enjoy its fragrance. Every yard should have one. This viburnum is not typically a plant for a tiny spaces as  it grows slowly to 6-8 feet tall. More compact varieties have recently been available. ‘Cayuga’ is a go-to variety that is somewhat compact and has an abundance of flowers. ‘Spice Baby’ is a bit smaller, staying to 4-5 feet tall and wide.

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