Grand Norwood Home Receives a Landscape Makeover

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Grand Norwood Home Receives a Landscape Makeover

This grand Norwood mansion-style home was severely overgrown when we first met the homeowner.  Her husband was an avid plant collector, but not the best designer –  as he had many rare and interesting plants all around the property but with no rhyme or reason.  In fact, most of the plants were in the wrong spot for their sun/shade preference. They consumed the front yard with seeming random plantings of specimen plants.

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Overgrown front entryway in Norwood, MA

Another major problem with the property was that the ample and flat front yard was right on a busy street and many people would even cut through the yard rather than walking around the corner on the sidewalk.  The homeowner’s daughter was planning on moving into the house and she had small children who needed a safe, private area to play.

Landscape Architectural Plans Make it Easy to Meet Landscape Use Goals

Our team crafted a custom landscape design to solve problems presented by the home’s landscape and location. It included building a beautiful stone wall and columns with steps.  Then we put a fence on top of the wall set back in a perennial garden plant bed. We used a solid fence to deflect street noise away from the front yard and also to present a visual raised barrier to people looking in while the family played and relaxed in the front yard.

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A little “curb appeal” transformed this Norwood, MA property!

For details, we did landscape lighting under the step treads and columns.  We also installed a very ornate walk mixing the “mosaic” style of stone laying with rectilinear bluestone borders.  

PAX09616 2 237x400
Natural stone wall with columns in Norwood, MA

For plantings, we relocated most of the existing specimen plants to the perimeter of the front yard, gave the lawn nice curves using steel edging, and designed for many perennial flowers to billow up in beds along the edges of the newly sodded lawn.  

By going through the landscape design process, the homeowner was able to bring this Norwood mansion back to its glory on the outside.  The entry and front yard are now not only grand but useful for a young growing family.

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Mosaic Walkway in Norwood, MA


Screen Shot 2020 03 30 At 10.40.03 AM
Norwood, MA landscape design drawing


“Land Design Associates was very professional and their labor crew highly skilled. They provided exceptional advice and created a landscape design based on our vision. The management team was patient and very helpful as we made numerous changes prior to the final drawings. I highly recommend Land Design Associates and their great crew to any potential client.” – Homeowner


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