Our people, our equipment, our accountability. It’s all on us, all the way through.

Here’s what that means for you:

  • No unnecessary delays

  • Accurate budget and work schedule forecast

  • Accurate rendering plans – design matches installation

  • Expert consulting

  • One team working at your house

  • Any problems are dealt with proactively

Land Design Associates landscape design & build process

You’re only one step away from getting started on your
soon-to-be-favorite space.
Here’s what the full process looks like with our landscaping company…

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Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch. We’ll get back to you immediately. We can answer any questions you have over the phone or book a time for our team to come visit your property.

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We’ll come to your property free of charge to assess your landscape, talk about your wishlist and figure out how to fit all of your must-haves into your budget.

You want a vegetable garden? Space for your kids to kick a soccer ball? Outdoor kitchen for entertaining relatives? Fire pit for a family of s’more lovers? These elements will be what we design your landscape around. There’s no such thing as too much information at this stage of the process.

At the end of your consultation, we’ll determine whether your project would need detailed landscape design drawings or just an itemized budget and work schedule.

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It’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to change your mind on paper… We’ll do an in-depth site analysis and base plan of your property. We then apply our landscaping expertise to your vision and come up with creative solutions that give you what you need out of your space.

First, we present you full-color landscape drawings with various options for each part of your yard. We’ll talk through different options, helping you pick and choose elements from each design version. During this process, design ideas percolate. One idea leads to another, which leads to another…

The end result of this iterative process is a beautiful working landscape Master Plan that you fall in love with. Plus, seeing your abstract ideas come to life is a really fun process for you and your kids. We love it when clients get excited  and share our energy and passion for landscaping. We have fun, too!

“The design is the least expensive — AND — the most important part of the project”. – Frank Lloyd Wright

Design Drawings Include:

Grading – Planting – Masonry – Irrigation – Lighting – Outdoor living spaces – Outdoor structures – Patios – Kitchens – Fire Features – Privacy screening – Fragrance, water, sound – Wildlife habitat integration – Vegetable, fruit and herb gardens – Play spaces for kids – Compliance with zoning laws

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Our estimates are extremely accurate and won’t change unless you add or subtract from the project.

Organizing our costs into an itemized budget allows you to phase things in if doing everything all at once is too much of a stretch for you. Having those initial design drawings as a Master Plan ensures that when you do end up getting everything done, it’ll look cohesive and well thought-out, rather than like a crazy quilt of ideas or a series of landscape afterthoughts.

During the budgeting phase, we will take you to the nursery and masonry suppliers to see the plants and hardscape materials for your landscape in person. Seeing and touching the actual materials we will use side by side really helps during the decision-making process.

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Your project is installed by a large and experienced crew of craftsmen who put an incredible amount of thought and care into each element of your landscape. All of our employees wear company uniforms, our trucks and equipment are new and clean and we leave your property neat and organized at the end of each day.

From the time of your initial consultation until installation is complete, you will deal with one crew and one project manager, who will be on site every day. They are yours throughout the duration of your project—they don’t jump between jobs. This allows us to be responsive, accountable and flexible. Unlike other contractors, who may start your project and then inexplicably disappear for a while, once we start your project, we don’t mess around. We are all landscape professionals and love what we do—it’s not just a job for our crews.

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We’ll take it from here. Your dream yard is only a few weeks away!

Sometimes in this world, something will probably come up during the installation phase. Paving stones get delivered in the wrong color, the wrong trees arrive to be planted, neighbors get mad at us making noise, you change your mind and suddenly you hate the water feature… you name it, we’ve dealt with it. The nice thing about being entirely responsible for your landscape is that we can deal with these kinds of situations quickly, effectively
and personally.

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After your new landscape is completely installed (ah—success), our landscape company offers a whole suite of maintenance services that keep your outdoor investment in tip-top shape.

Maintaining the landscape after a large installation is crucial for preserving its beauty, health, and functionality. Regular maintenance ensures that plants receive proper care such as watering, pruning, and fertilizing, which promotes their growth and longevity. Additionally, maintenance helps prevent issues like weed infestation, disease outbreaks, and soil erosion, which can compromise the integrity of the landscape over time. Furthermore, ongoing care allows for adjustments and improvements as the landscape matures, ensuring that it continues to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of the property. Ultimately, investing in post-installation maintenance not only protects the initial investment but also enhances the overall enjoyment and value of the outdoor space.