Bring family and friends together

Pools provide the perfect way to bring family and friends together or to just relax and unwind at the end of a long workday. Parties, barbecues, graduations or just a Saturday afternoon cookout with some neighbors – a pool is the perfect place to gather. Add an outdoor kitchen grill island and the guys have a place to hang out and help the grill master or even help make a pizza to throw into the pizza oven. Kids love pools and have a great time enjoying the outdoors in a healthy way. Don’t forget the fire pit to warm up around after your swim.

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Plunge Pools:
The Perfect Blend of Pool and Hot Tub

Plunge pools are the latest and hottest landscape trend, and with good reason. They are the perfect size, cost efficient, and integrate well with outdoor living areas. They also double as a hot tub and extend the time you can enjoy the pool from chilly spring days to cool fall evenings.

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Lap Pools:
Exercise Right in Your Backyard

Lap pools are typically narrow and long and provide the homeowner a traditional pool and also a place to get a healthy workout and reduce stress. They blend in perfectly with a modern landscape design and are crisp and clean architecturally. When not used for laps, they provide a place to hang out and soak up the sun or turn the heat up and relax with a glass of wine and friends.

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Pool Construction

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Pools Add to Your Home’s Value

Land Design Associates can help you choose and install the right pool for your home and your family’s needs. Gone are the days when a barren rectangle to bright blue dominated the backyard. Today’s pool designs integrate outdoor living including grilling areas, fire pits, cabanas, pergolas, sound systems and lighting. Placement and shape are the most important things to consider. Let’s get together and start drawing up plans for your new backyard and new pool.

Pools can significantly enhance both the value of your home and your quality of life. They offer a luxurious and recreational space for relaxation, exercise, and entertainment, fostering a vibrant social atmosphere for gatherings with family and friends. Additionally, a well-maintained pool can boost curb appeal, making your property more attractive to potential buyers and adding to its overall resale value. Moreover, swimming is a low-impact form of exercise that promotes physical health and mental well-being, offering a convenient way to stay active and refreshed without leaving the comfort of your home.

Contact us today and we’ll help you design the perfect pool for you and your family.