Fences vary in material and price but there are solutions out there to fit any property. From aluminum and quality wood fences to pergolas and post & rails, Land Design Associates offers options for classy and modern looks that can stand the test of time.

Fencing (Board Style)

Boards are placed tightly next to each other with no gap between them. Available in cedar or vinyl.

Fencing (Chestnut Hill Style)

Fences in the style of chestnut hill are built with sturdy, square pickets and subtly pointed tops. Available in cedar or vinyl.

Fencing (Aluminum)

Aluminum fencing doesn’t rust and is low maintenance. They are more difficult to breach than wood or chainlink fences, making them ideal for surrounding pools. They also allow air and light to pass through for plants to grow properly.

Fencing (Post & Rail)

Post and rail fencing is often used to define property lines. The visibility it affords doesn’t obstruct sightlines, views or plantings. Choose split wood for a rustic look and vinyl for a contemporary feel.


Pergolas are wooden structures that provide shade over patios and outdoor kitchens. Many are designed with ivy or roses growing up them to increase the amount of shade provided by the structure and give a unique look.