Wood or Gas? This is the most common question we’re asked about fire features. It really comes down to personal preference. Do you want the convenience of fire at the push of a button or do you enjoy the smell of a wood fire and the popping of hot coals?

Burning wood provides a campfire appeal with the crackle and smoky aroma of a wood fire. Wood fires are also warmer and more affordable than gas.

Save time and energy with pushbutton ignitions for gas firepits, which are easy to control for consistent heat and smoke output. Gas firepits can be customized from a variety of materials like tempered glass and faux wood.

Fireplace (Wood or Gas)

Outdoor fireplaces extend your entertaining space from inside to outside while also providing warmth. Enjoy your outdoors earlier and later in the year and add a peaceful and inviting ambience.

Firepit (Wood or Gas)

Firepits perfectly accentuate any patio to create a cozy, warm glow on a cool night. Unlike a fireplace, people can comfortably surround themselves around the full perimeter of a firepit for maximum enjoyment.

Breeo Smokeless Firepit

The Zentro wood firepit from Breeo with its unique “nearly smokeless” technology makes an excellent choice for those looking for a way to enjoy the age-old campfire experience without excess smoke. Cooking over a Zentro allows for an evenly heated cooking surface so your meat can stay tender and juicy.