An outdoor kitchen blends enjoyment and function so you can get the most out of patio season.

Counters and cupboards around a grill provide more space for meal preparation and utensil storage without having to go back and forth to the house. Add a mini-fridge for convenient beverage access near your outdoor-dining area. And coo outside on a warm day to extend your time outside and enjoy nature.

Grill Islands

If you enjoy outdoor cooking and entertaining, consider taking it up a notch and install an outdoor kitchen.

Grill islands enable you to maximize your seating space and host friends and family on those relaxing spring and summer days. At Land Design Associates, we can build metal cabinets for storage, add a pergola for overhead shade, outdoor sinks with built-in cutting boards and hook your grill to a gas line so you’ll never have to worry about changing tanks ever again.

And cooktops aren’t limited to grills either. Gas burners, smokers, griddles and pizza options are just some of the amazing options you can have right in your very own yard!

Pizza Ovens

Wood-fire ovens cook pizza quickly and with intense, traditional-tasting flavors! Impress family and friends with a pizza night right on your own patio! They are also perfect for cooking other types of food, such as bread, cookies or quesadillas.

Ceramic Grill

Ceramic, kamado and egg cookers are a fast-growing cooking category for cooking and make excellent smokers and rosters. The sides and domes absorb heat and radiate it back onto the food for even cooking. Thick ceramic insulation means that they need very little charcoal, making them ideal for northern climates.