Landscape lighting illuminates your property making it a functional space throughout the evening. Lighting systems are customized for every project. Additional smart connectivity enables you to conveniently control your lighting system via your smartphone.

Path Lights

Path lights illuminate walkways for safety, highlighting yard features and augmenting curb appeal. Path lights come in many styles and finishes to customize any project.


Up-lights brighten upwards from ground level onto trees, house façades and other features. They add depth to flat surfaces and create an ambient light for safety and security.

Undercap Lights

Undercap lights are mounted beneath wall caps, stair treads, column caps and kitchen counters. They provide downward, evenly dispersed light that enhance your landscape elements and provide safety.


Installed in trees and pointed downwards to illuminate patios and sitting spaces from above, downlighting simulates moonlight to give your outdoor space a warm, natural glow.

Smartphone-Controlled Lighting

With the use of smart sockets, you can integrate your landscape-lighting system into your existing smart-home system. Control your lights via your phone or easily set up light schedules from your device.