Patios are crafted with function in mind. They provide gathering spaces for social events and outdoor entertainment. We custom-design your patio specifically for your home. With many options of natural stone and pavers from which to choose, you can enjoy a unique and tailored look. Complement your patio with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit or even a hot tub.


Cambridge Pavers

Cambridge Pavers Kingscourt
Cambridge Pavers Kingscourt


KingsCourt features beveled edges and smooth, flat surfaces. It is offered in your choice of squared or rectangular configurations.

Sherwood Ledgestone

One of the most realistic-looking pavers to resemble natural bluestone. Many other colors and combinations are available with either a textured stone or a smooth surface.


Blu 80 Slate

Inspired by natural slate stone for a traditional look, this stone comes in multiple sizes for your backyard pool decks, patios and walkways.


Beacon Hill Flagstone

Inspired by natural cut stone with a subtle surface texture.

Unilock Beachon Hill Flagstone
Unilock Beachon Hill Flagstone
Unilock Hollandstone
Unilock Hollandstone


Finishing touch to be used as a border or accent.

Eco-Friendly Surfaces

Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers reduce the amount of stormwater runoff and pollutants entering our natural waterways. They enable water to seep through their gaps for a more environmentally conscious option than other pavement types.

Typical Permeable Pavement Structure 1
Techo Permeable



Bluestone is durable, hardwearing and slip-resistant and you can apply its versatile style as part of either modern or traditional designs. Its natural-textured or smooth surface is tough but feels soft. Bluestone requires little maintenance and holds its beauty over time.


Mosaic-style bluestone is laid dry for a permeable surface and is accented by a rich, natural color and style. Moss and small groundcover plants can grow between the stones.


Granite is a natural stone that beautifully enhances and complements the surrounding landscape. It is quite durable with a hard, chip- and wear-resistant surface. Our locally sourced granite is also sustainable and avaiable in either grey or blue mist.


Brownstone is a natural stone with a characteristically dark brown color. First used to face townhouses in the New York area, its popularity has spread over the years as a unique choice for landscaping projects. Brownstone is tough, durable and resistant to fading and chipping.