Walls and steps can be crafted using many different materials. Whether you are trying to achieve a desired look or stay within a particular budget,
Land Design has a solution out there for you!

Veneer Stone Wall

Veneer stone is cut to have a flat face so it can easily be cemented onto a block-wall footing. Available as both natural and artificial veneer stones with a variety of colors and styles.

Block Wall


The Brandon offers the aesthetic appeal of dry-stacked stone walls without the accompanying cost and maintenance. It may be used for retaining walls, seat walls, fire features and grill islands.


This wall has a tumbled, aged-looking surface used for freestanding walls, water and fire features & outdoor kitchens.


Available in two different heights, the Prescott wall provides endless versatility for your backyard to create walls, partitions and visually stunning freestanding elements. With its effortless color combination and flexibility, the Prescott wall is sure to make a statement.


Allan Block
Larger-sized block used for retaining walls. A more economical solution than stone and other concrete block materials.


Estate Wall
A tumbled, textured wall with an antique-looking appearance, the Estate Wall works perfectly for freestanding walls, water, & fire features and outdoor kitchens.

Keystone Hardscapes

Keystone Standard
The Keystone Standard is our most budget-friendly option; it’s very sturdy and works great as a retaining wall.

New England Fieldstone Walls

Reminiscent of New England farm walls, fieldstone walls exhibit an older, stable and traditional style. This natural stone’s soft forms and colors make it a beautiful choice for a traditional look.


Steps pull the design together in many styles with solid granite, stone, pavers, stone slabs and more. Garden steps can be dramatic or merely functional, solve the problem of grade changes in a yard and connect multi-level patios and pools.

Caps & Treads

Caps are the finishing touches to hardscapes that provide a smooth and protective surface to walls and columns. They are typically 2-4 inches thick. Treads refer to the horizontal pieces that form stairs. A solid and properly sized tread affects the comfort and safety of steps. Added lighting is also beneficial.


A classic, natural Bluestone cap provides a timeless New England look.

Natural Blue Mist Granite

Locally sourced natural granite that can be custom-cut for many hardscape applications. It provides a classic granite look with a slight hue of blue.