Waterfront Property Landscape Transformation in Westwood, MA

Westwood Lakefront Property Receives a Full Landscape Makeover

“Before” landscape renovation in Westwood, MA

Prior to the landscape design process, there was an unorganized, woodsy yard that obscured the pond with many invasive plants.  The lawn was weak and sloped too much to be a usable space. There was no “Sense of Place” that had its own character. The patio was outdated and not proportioned well.  


The goal of the landscape design was to create a level yard with a perimeter of colorful plantings of trees, shrubs, and flowers.  A new patio was to be created giving the family another “Outdoor Room.” Other goals were environmental and targeted removal of invasive plants such as bittersweet, slowing erosion and fertilizer runoff into the pond, and using turf that was eco-friendly and had low fertilizer needs.  


Landscape lighting in the garden and around the patio create a special mood at night and extend the time the family can use the spaces.


Eco-Friendly Plants and Grass Work with the Local Westwood Environment

In Progress shot of the Bluestone patio


About 70% of the plants used in the garden are “native” species, which are desirable because they help preserve the integrity of the local environment.  “Improved Cultivars” of standard Eastern Massachusetts plants such as white fir, maple, sparkleberry, summersweet, dogwood, and hydrangea were used in the design and selection of the final plant list. The use of native plants is beneficial to preserving the local plant species.  Native plants also provide cover and food for birds and mammals. Another benefit of using natives is that they are hardy and adapted to the local environment and are deer resistant.  


For the lawn, a special environmental “self-sustaining” form of turf was used.  Developed in Rhode Island, Black Beauty tall fescue with micro-clover has a number of benefits.  Since the clover plant produces its own nitrogen, which is what promotes healthy lawn growth, the lawn in a sense “self-fertilizing” reducing to almost nothing the need to apply nitrogen.  Excessive nitrogen runoff into streams, lakes, and ponds are what fuels algae blooms that harm the fish by stealing oxygen from the water in addition to making the water unusable to humans for recreation.  The tall fescue is “endophytic” meaning that its roots produce a natural repellent to insects and diseases thereby reducing or eliminating the need to apply pesticides and herbicides that could leach into the water or get on kids or pets in the yard.

Environmentally Friendly Creation of Outdoor Spaces for Gathering, Relaxing and Play


By leveling out the sloped backyard, adding a border of trees, shrubs and flowers and building a patio that uses updated materials and has a sitting wall, this Westwood yard now is a place for the family to gather, relax and play.  The environment benefits by eliminating harmful fertilizer and pesticide runoff into the pond, removing invasive competitive plant species creating a new native habitat of plants for local wildlife. The family benefits from the creation of a level yard where grandchildren can play a game of catch or soccer, the addition of a new classy patio with plenty of sitting walls for family and friends to sit on when the homeowners entertain. The property value is also increased for this Westwood home due to the creation of an updated land well-designed landscape.





“Land Design Associates was very professional and their labor crew highly skilled. They provided exceptional advice and created a landscape design based on our vision. The management team was patient and very helpful as we made numerous changes prior to the final drawings. I highly recommend Land Design Associates and their great crew to any potential client.” – Homeowner

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